Pleats or No Pleats

Monday, August 24, 2015 9:07:33 AM America/Los_Angeles

What makes a flat front style better than pleats, or vice versa? The answer depends on how and where it's worn. Pleated pants and shorts have been much more accepted in the golf fashion world in recent years than in everyday fashion. This is owing to the flexibility that peats offer a golfer along with the association of an antiquated golf style that appeals especially to the tastes of private club members. Since golf has gone majorly public in recent history, contemporary golf styles have steered more toward the flat front, straight leg, and even board short looks that resemble athletic or everyday lifestyle trends. But great news; pleats are also about to make a return to mainstream fashion.

If you are planning to play golf at a public course, for now the flat front shorts and straight leg pants are likely your best bet for fitting in stylistically. Private club goers, on the other hand, have more of a choice. Before anyone discounts pleated bottoms as out of fad though, it should be noted that many recent fashion articles have been remarking on the comeback of streamlined pleats in general. Menswear shows are expecting to see even the most mainstream lifestyle brands showcasing the return of pleats in 2016. With that said, pleat lovers should still keep in mind that pleats went somewhat out of fashion originally for being accused of looking frumpy. A solid color slim fit polo or long sleeve button up tends to look best with pleats of any kind.

With Aristo 18 and Betenly Golf, quality tailoring is always a guarantee. All shorts and pants are hand made in house to company standard, using only premium fabric blends that are woven in PB Aristo18's personal mills. So go ahead and use your best style judgement, and remember to trust in your environment first and your personal tastes second. There is always also the changing of the times and exceptions to the rules too. With quality apparel, one can rarely go wrong.

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